Pinhole Business Cards

Patent applied for 1818284.0
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How good is your eye sight?

We have created a revolutionary pinhole card that has been specifically created to test just that. For the first time anyone can review their eye sight using our unique pinhole card using the eye test chart or 3 meter test chart.

The pinhole business card has been created in a unique spectacle shape which are adjustable and can be tailored to your face. They offer businesses a unique opportunity to engage with their customers by allowing companies to test their employees/ clients eye sight using their own brand and contact details.

Why not check out our video to learn more.

Pricing Table

Quantity  Price
500 £829.00
1000 £1,029.00
2500  £1,199.00
5000  £1,511.00
7500  £1,819.00
10000  £2,129.00
20000  £2,941.00
30000   £3,618.00
40000   £4,579.00

Vision Chart

Click Here to download the vision chart.