Previous Concepts – Design


The Style-Eyes spectacle has been designed to be adaptable. The natural variation present in people’s faces, an individual’s style requirements and the prescription for the person means that it is often undesirable (financially) and impossible (technically) to design a product which can cater for the numerous combinations.

The Style-Eyes design counters traditional problems by considering the spectacle as a combination of separate modules. These modules e.g. the lens and pad arm can then be selected and positioned where most suited to the user.

The concept of ultimate adaptability is possible using a bespoke frame design. The frame is essentially a rail where by the modules are placed in the correct location and secured. The dimensions of the frame have been researched to ensure that elegance is afforded but not at the cost of structural integrity.

The fastening methods have been developed so that they can be adapted with use of few tools. This is fundamental to the use of the frames in areas where facilities are limited.

John’s concept has been engineered and developed to create a design that is stylish and can be modified to meet the variety of human life.