Previous Concepts – Materials


The style, strength and adaptability of the frame is augmented by the choice of materials during the manufacturing process.

The frame is made of stainless steel, the steel gives the frame strength from which the donuts, and frames can be attached without compromising the shape of the frame. The frame is also designed to be adjusted and the rigidity of the steel means that this can be done without the danger of damaging the frame.

The strength qualities of the stainless steel make it ideal for the unique ‘donut’ design. The forces that are applied to the ‘donut’ over the life of the product will be extensive as it supports the frame as it rests on the face for long periods of time and the frame is taken off and on repeatedly.

The stainless steel provides a high quality polish finish that contributes to the style of the design.

The lug that secures the adjustable elements to the frame is made from a polymer composite. The composite is malleable and therefore enables expansion and retraction under varying environmental conditions. The composite has high friction properties which assist in locking the adjustable elements securely. From an aesthetic perspective the composite is transparent which gives is a glass like high quality finish.