Current Design Concept

John Snelgrove FBDO is a Dispensing Optician, founder CEO; he has invented a new modular spectacle frame design to fit all of the anthropomorphic facial dimensions that vary across ethnic groups such as a low flat African or Korean nose as well as the larger Caucasian nose.

John has designed and developed a production capable, fit for purpose product solution. Furthermore establishing a kit “The Optician In a Box” that can hold up to 1,000 frame components and 2-3,000 lenses with other equipment as needed. During the development process numerous other possible attributes became evident.

The design provides a correct spectacle lens prescription including astigmatism by using standard precut lenses and moving the rims to the correct distance between the eyes to avoid induced prismatic effects such as double vision.

The modular nature of the system has a number of unique features which allows for up to three lenses to be fitted per eye creating a Low Vision Aid for people with Corneal scarring resulting from Trachoma, cataracts, macular degeneration or other eye conditions that a normal refractive correction provides limited visual acuity improvement.

During the development process the hinge mechanism was highlighted as a possible method for providing insect repellent around the face or a drug delivery system directly onto the eyes so that the wearer can self medicate there eye condition.